Trying to find balance between Emotional, Physical and Spiritual is always, well, a balancing act.  Why do we try? Because we know with balance comes happiness, peace, wholeness of being.


I'm not a psychiatrist, counselor,  or doctor. I don't prescribe medicines and I certainly don't profess to know what you should do in your life. I DO think that you should be making decisions about what you can do to be as healthy as you can. And I know that I have found things that help bring balance to my life.  So I'll share what I have learned from my own experience, as well as studies or others' experience, so we can learn how to balance together.


Balance is a funny thing.  One little thing can make a difference, either way. Maybe you work more hours this week than last, you might have to change a few things to get the same feeling of balance. Or maybe, you have an extra day, or even an extra hour, to have fun on a hobby or hang out with friends. Lovely!  Just keep it all balanced.


Balanced doesn't mean an hour of work and an hour of play. Balanced is where you feel the most joy, you get the most out of life. It is a block of time for work, and a block of time for play. The blocks don't have to be the same size.  To increase understanding, think about a sheet of aluminum  and a sheet of steel that weight the same amount.  Aluminum weighs a third of what steel does, so the the aluminum sheet would be larger, right?  The weights are the same even though the size of the sheets are different.


Have any of you wished for some time to just sit and watch several episodes of a tv show all at once? I have. I can even remember what series it was. Hint-they speak English and have an Abbey and maids and butlers make up a big part of the cast. Yes, you know which one. Well, I walked in the room where it was on, mid-episode, on the tv. I stood there for about 15 minutes because I had to find out what happened! Well, that started it all. When I had a block of time open, I would watch an episode, or part of an episode. I found myself wishing I had enough free time to watch a couple back to back like the kids did. I got my wish. One day, I was the only one home. I watched 4 or 5 episodes one after another. I ate dinner in front of the tv. I thought it was great-- the first three episodes.  But another one or two, and I had a headache and I was in a bad mood.  Why? Who knows, except for that my favorite character was not left in a good way that last episode.  What I thought would bring me happiness really didn't.  


My husband and I wrote down what things rejuvenate us. Mine was something like this-- bath, walk with my sister, time with my husband, a clean house (okay, I just added that one but it's true!) and good, healthy food. Not anywhere on there did it say BBC binge-watching. I do like time to rest and watch a show now and then, but I feel the best watching an episode after I get a good amount of work done.  An item to add to my rejuvenation list is "getting things done"; I love accomplishing a task and checking it off. I need both play and work, and different variations of each (exercise, house cleaning, work that I get paid for, service, activities with kids, date night, hobbies, chat with friends)! 


Look at the last few months.  When you have felt your best-- when it's been a great day or  a great week-- what amount of work and play did you have?  Put it into a percentage or a pie chart, if you're visual.  You might find, as I did, that the amount of play you thought you needed to be happy wasn't actually the amount where you are happiest. You may need less, you may need more. What is your balance?



What affects us emotionally, also effects our physical self.  For example, if you are worried, burdened, or feeling like the world is on your shoulders, you may start to experience shoulder or upper back problems. Have you ever noticed a problem with your sciatica after feeling like someone is a constant pain in your rear end?


A couple of good reads to understand and work through some of those feelings and resulting  illness or pains are:

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman

Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro 
















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